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October 19, 2009


Linda DeSoto

What makes environmental problems social is whether it may be a cause of poverty do to loss of jobs or supply of food due to the climate that ruins crops which comes from the pollution of our factories or automobiles. What I learned from my parents is to never litter because you can harm an animal if it is not biodegradable. I learned that there are many ways of protecting mother earth by simply recycling or using your resources wisely. As for the food quiz, I learned about what is in the food we eat, although I had some knowledge because I work in a Health Store. Use less electricity when it is not needed, for instance, use a candle or flashlight when doing a project that is unnecessary for the use of electricity. I feel there is global climate change because if you go to the mountains you find streams that were once 2 ft now nearly nothing but rock and dirt. I am basing the evidence out of my own discoveries. Rich men who own manufactories gain from polluting because they are making money from us ignorant people. But again if it wasn’t for these rich manufactories we as people would not have jobs, so we benefit as well. We all gain but at the same time lose because our streams, crops, and animals die by the pollution we create. You can tie conflict theory as it states in chapter 1 pg 54 first paragraph “Because most of us want more of the resources in society (money, good jobs, nice houses, and cars), conflict erupts between the haves and have-nots”. This I feel is an example of the people who work in manufactories that pollute and those who rather work as farmers.

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