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November 20, 2006



Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


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Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?


Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?


Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?


I am happy that there is such a large initiative to reduce our emmissions. I do think the city needs to participate, by reducing the emmissions of the city buses and school buses. Personally I think that with running kids from here to there and back again the best thing I can do is to make sure my vehicle is in proper running order with all it's maintenace up to date, and I do that.


I am not to suprised about them wanting people to cut back on things and walk or ride bikes and even turn down the heater. basically that is what everyone says. However I am suprised that there are many people out there who want to help the enviroment.


I was a surprise to find out that Albuquerque is one of the “cool cities”, and is working with government to help reduce the greenhouse effect. I never realized that leaving the heat on during the day when no one was home made an impact. I admit I am really bad about this and often find myself turning it up when I leave because I am often cold when I get home. Starting to day I will turn it down when I leave.
It’s going to take a lot more than merely turning down the thermostat to help greenhouse effect, but I think if we all start doing our part we will be able to see a dramatic change in a couple of years.


While I find it great that the Sierra Club wants to help slow the greenhouse effect by teaching everyone what can be done in our homes, we need to teach the city also. We are trying to stay a one car family but with classes at all 4 CNM campuses and buses that only run to the South campus and the northwest campus in peak hours I have had no choice but to start looking for another car. I know that I would stay a one car family if I could move from all four campuses on the bus. I cant be the only one with these problems. ANother issue is the base houses. I have been able to see light around my front door if outside in the dark for months and I cant get base housing to change the seal. We need to make this a group effort, to include Kirtland AFB housing, Rio Rancho and all the towns, cities in New Mexico and the world. Landlords should have fines if heating tips are not followed. ALL houses should have programable thermostats, and double pane windows. New housings should not be allowed to be built without all the energy saving features in place, and old houses should be given a timeline to get it done by. This shouldnt come from a company but our own government. Now I have a doctors note for my ashmatic son which states how warm my house has to stay and that the filters in the house have to be changed every 2-3 months. Why should I need a note from his doctor to get filters changed?? This helps with heating of the home also. For me I cant get a portable heater for his room becuase he is 18 months and likes to touch stuff. Turning my thermastat to 65 is not a choice..cold equals ashama attack. I have also noticed that this city does not have carpool lanes. Giving out rewards for things as simple as carpooling is a great way to get people into the practice.


I am very happy to see that Albuquerque is on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It's certainly a start in the right direction. The people of our community need to be educated on the importance of doing their part, whether big or small, we all need to be doing something to help preserve our environment. And if it saves you a few bucks in the long run, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to participate. Bravo Sierra Club!!

Nick Nunez

Having the temperature low helps, but having a structural and solar efficient home is a great idea for the planet and your pocket book. I live in the East Mountains and I see a lot of new housing all the time and it is easy to see what houses have put the effort to design their home in sequence with sun cycles, and homes that have good insulation structures. Simply home improvements can help keep a home temperate, even different color paints.
Nick Nunez. Sociology

Sandra Hinojos

There are worldwide environment problems. The ecosystem is being unstabilized profoundly by cultural, structural and demographic sources.

The greenhouse effec is one of the results of environmental pollution; gases build up in Earth's atmosphere and act like the glass roof of a greenhouse, permitting sunlight in but trapping the heat that is generated.

Some of the cultural sources of environmental problems are the American faith in technology to control the environment, materialism, belief in individualism, growth ethic, and cornucopia view of nature that conceives to see nature as a depot to be used by humans. Structural sources of environment problems are the capitalist economy, politics, and system of stratification.

There are many solutions to the environment problems. Some of the solutions are enforced international environment protection laws, control of resource use, and a pro-business voluntary regulation approach. business

Nicole in Sociology The Essentials.

The Sierra Club has the right idea to turn down the thermostat when you are not at your home. Not only does it save you on money, but it saves the energy and gas that it makes the heater run. I do turn down my thermostat. Nicole D. Sociology.


It seems petty that we do not do the little things that could help out our environment. Turning down/up our thermostat when no one is home is the easiet thing that one can do. And yet there are many people that still do not do this. I also do not see why more people do not carpool when they live and work in the same areas. Not only do these things save individuals money but they are little things that can make big impact on our environment.


I know it seems cheap to always have your thermostat at 65 degrees or lower but it does save money and the atmosphere. I recommend a plug in heater that rotates that way you can heat the area you are in instead of heating the whole house.

I think if we all worked together and tried a little harder that we could really do something for the enviroment. Greenhouse gases and car emissions are so harmful to our atmosphere. I think many people don't see the big picture or the horrible consequences that come with destroying our atmosphere. And I think if we lived in a society that was more cautious and aware we wouldn't have this big of a problem with air pollution and greenhouse gases.


Bernalillo County has a ban on open burning, the only thing that you can burn are dry tumble weeds. We still have lots of people that burn leaves, trash, and tree limbs. This contribuites to the polution problem. On yellow alert nights for burning in your fireplace many people still burn. This will cause severe air pollution and air quality alerts.

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