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December 02, 2010


Manuel Valenzuela


1) Does our food system protect the average American as much as it could?

I personally do not believe the American public is protected. The film, -Food Inc.- shows that at one time USDA inspectors totaled 50,000 and dropped down to less than 9,000. This tells me that the food system does not care. In the seventies the USDA was in the news showing that certain businesses were being shut down or at least penalized for producing tainted or contaminated food, and then forced to provide a better service in order to remain in business. Here in Albuquerque, you have Channel 7 News advocating these issues with local restaurants. It is called the red or green. Local restaurants are penalized on local television by placing their faults before the public. Redemption is gained by the restaurants after corrections are made. This program definitely makes me second guess what restaurants I might eat at.
2) Should food be inspected for health and safety or should our food be ‘Buyer Beware’ ?
Food should definitely be inspected for health and safety. When a small child’s life is ended because of merely eating a hamburger that was tainted with e-coli bacteria and the mother of this child is fighting to gain support from the government and its officials to hopefully stop the senseless death of another child or for that matter, any other human being. The cost of a life is much more valuable and should be respected as such.

3) Did the film make you aware of anything you were not aware of?
Yes! It made me aware of the fact that there is so many uses for corn and more are being developed daily. I used to think there were only a few things it was used for…corn oil, automobile fuel, feed for animals and maybe a few more. I had not realized that it is used as a base for most everything else. This film was a fabulous look at how big corporations and the government combine to deceive the American public for financial gain.

4) What concerns do you have about the school lunch system in America?
Growing up and going to school in the early years (grades 1-8), I used to hear stories of hamburger meat being mixed with horse meat and served in all public schools within Albuquerque. If this was true, I remember the food having a good and unique taste to it. I never had negative thoughts about what was being served or what was involved in its preparation. This was perhaps because of my family not having a lot of money, and the fact that I was taught to be thankful for what I did have. I have grown to enjoy the different foods and their tastes available to us in the world today. The concerns I have come from watching this film and how little care is given to what and how food is manufactured and served to the public. Obesity has become a major detriment to society in many ways. Food varies in its simplicity and value in schools and in some cases has very little if any nutritional value. People become ill with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases from the various foods they eat. They have limited alternatives due to their income or education. The film states that in order to be healthy one must spend money for better food. I believe that the government must return to the day when they cared because they have families also, and it all makes practical sense.

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